AMERON Fiberglass Composite Pipe Group has merged end 2011 with National Oilwell Varco (NOV) and is now part of NOV Fiber Glass Pipe Systems. The combination of these 2 leaders in Glass Fiber Reinforced Piping Systems has resulted in a world wide operating specialist which can fulfill all your requirements for composite piping.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipes can replace steel pipes for corrosive applications. Available from 1 - 40 inch, up to 3500 PSI (245 bar).
For use as surface pipe (buried and above ground) as well as threaded down hole Casing & Tubing.

All kind of fittings are available - 90/45/22.5 degree elbows, equal & reducing tees, eccentric & concentric reducers, ANSI & DIN flanges etc. etc.

No need for Cathodic Protection, Wrapping tapes, painting, Fusion Bonded Epoxy etc.
A virtually maintenance free pipe with much better flow characteristics compared to steel pipe.

Brand names:
  • Bondstrand®
  • Star®
  • Smith Fibercast®
  • Centron®