Rockwool Technical Insulation

Rockwool Technical Insulations is the world largest manufacturer of stone wool Insulation products.

Rockwool insulation products are used for a large variety of applications and used in many different fields. You find Rockwool products in houses and office buildings, various industries, ship building and even off shore and sub-sea!

Main applications:

Thermal Insulation: Proper insulation of installations will save energy, CO2 output, personal injuries and will increase productivity. This combination will save your organisation time, money and man hour loss.

Fire Protection: The Conlit product line withstands temperatures of up to 1000 oC and is non-combustible. A very economical way to protect your installations against destruction by fire. At the same time the Conlit products preserve heat loss and consequently safe energy, the environment and money.

Acoustic Insulation: Rockwool insulation materials provide a more quiet and comfortable environment at low costs.

Depending on your application, use: "Rockwool pipe sections", slabs, blankets, wired mats, Rockwool loose fill or Rockwool granulate!

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