Amercoat and Sigma are part of the PPG Protective and Marine Coatings division. PPG Industries is the world’s biggest coating manufacturer. Next to “Protective and Marine Coatings”, PPG is manufacturing, intumescent coatings, car refinishes, airplane coatings, specialty coatings, architectural coatings and OEM coatings.

A good coating system can preserve your valuable installations for decades and safe huge amounts on maintenance costs.

Please check with us if you need:

  • Zinc silicate primers – SigmaZinc and Dimetcote 
  • Epoxy primers – SigmaFast, SigmaPrime, SigmaCover and Amercoat
  • Epoxy surface tolerant – Amerlock and SigmaCover
  • Epoxy build coats – SigmaCover and Amercoat
  • Polyurethane finishes – SigmaDur and Amercoat
  • Siloxane/Siloxirane finishes – PSX 700
  • Tanklining materials – Phenguard, SigmaCover and Amercoat
  • Solvent free epoxies – SigmaGuard CSF – NovaGuard
  • One or two coat solutions
  • Passive Fire Protection (Intumescent Coatings) – Pitt-Char XP – NX and SteelGuard
  • Coatings against CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) – Hi-Temp 1027 
  • High Heat Resistant – Hi-Temp series